Working From Home: Birthday Box of Treats

Let’s face it, we all anticipate our birthdays in the office. Whether it be ours or a colleagues’, there’s always that urge to make it a bit special. It’s a time where we get to connect as humans on that little patch of work space that we share.

Working from home poses new challenges for workforces to keep that connection alive. We are now seeking new ways to keep these thoughtful gestures thriving, as a rightfully important element of our work environment.

We can all vouch from our own experiences as recipients, that a small token gesture such as remembering our birthday, is a sure way to keep those spirits high.

This Happy Birthday Box of Treats is a perfect offering to do just that. Carefully crafted to offer a taste of everything that you normally would expect from an office birthday – Lots of delicious Chocolate, Traditional Sweets, Birthday Cake Popcorn, fun Rainbow Drops and so much more.

Happy Birthday Box Of Treats



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